Cambridge Commodities expands ingredient and finished product range with sustainable softgels

Global ingredient supplier Cambridge Commodities is expanding its offering to include premium softgel formulations that cater for a wide range of consumer need states

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European Commission purchases 80m vaccine doses from Moderna

The agreement gives the commission the option to purchase an additional 80 million doses up to a total of 160 million

Osivax wins Hello Tomorrow global challenge drug discovery category

The company says its platform could also provide a universal coronavirus vaccine, complementing vaccines currently in ...

Telstar increases freezer production for vaccine storage demand

The line was developed using the company’s in-house cold storage technology

Successful oral dosage forms begin with the patient

Selecting the optimal dosage form is a critical part of any drug development programme; and whereas sometimes the best ...

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine 94.5% effective

The company plans to submit data from the full Phase 3 COVE study to a peer-reviewed publication

Altimmune partners with Lonza for manufacture of vaccine candidate

In preclinical studies, AdCOVID produced a 29-fold increase in mucosal IgA, well above the level associated with ...

Immunotherapy: antibody drug conjugates from a small molecule perspective

Immunotherapies such as ADCs deliver a more targeted treatment against cancer that improves the quality of life for the ...

Ypsomed collaborates with Schott and Lonza on patch injectors

For patients, the solution reduces the number of hospital visits required for treatment

John Bell & Croyden launches same-day medicines supply service

The service will be rolled out in November and will initially serve healthcare facilities in Central London, providing ...

Drug delivery device design: supporting the success of next-generation biologics

The pressure on healthcare systems caused by ageing populations, a rise in chronic conditions and, now, the pandemic, ...

Delivering success for inhaled drug development programmes

No two inhaled drug development programmes will have exactly the same characteristics or drivers; so, to ensure the ...

Key considerations for success when selecting primary container packaging in drug development

The selection of appropriate primary container packaging for an injectable drug product is one of the most fundamental ...

Aurinia selects MyMeds&Me’s Reportum QuickStart platform

Aurinia has filed a New Drug Application (NDA) for voclosporin under priority review and is working towards launch ...

Optibrium launches AI software platform for drug discovery

It's the latest member of Optibrium's Augmented Chemistry platform of AI technologies