Catalent launches OneXpress to accelerate oral dosage products from clinic to launch

Catalent announces the launch of its new OneXpress service for the integrated development, scale-up and manufacturing of new oral solid dosage forms

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RoosterBio partners with Sartorius on scale up protocols

Both companies aim to use the data from this collaboration to provide co-learning and development opportunities to ...

54gene enlists Paradigm4 app for African Health Information Ecosystem

54gene aims to utilise African health data in global genomics research to improve healthcare worldwide

Sosei Heptares and PharmEnable enter drug discovery collaboration

The companies will jointly conduct and share the costs of the discovery and development program and will co-own any ...

The industrial production of cell and gene therapies: part I

Dr Andrea Traube, Director of Market Development, Pharma, at OPTIMA pharma, and Dena Flamm, Business Development ...

Oxgene introduces SLIM platform for antibody discovery

In a study published last month in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Oxgene scientists used the SLIM platform to ...

Boehringer Ingelheim and Google partner for Pharma R&D

The partnership will focus on the companies’ complementary quantum computing capabilities

Immunotherapy: antibody drug conjugates from a small molecule perspective

Immunotherapies such as ADCs deliver a more targeted treatment against cancer that improves the quality of life for the ...

Almac Group awarded R&D grant to accelerate enzyme discovery

Invest NI’s R&D support is part financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the EU investment for Growth ...

Mogrify enters research collaboration with MRC Lab

The collaboration is an expansion of the company’s relationship with the MRC Lab

Making bone health supplements palatable

Martin Koeberle and Verena Garsuch of HERMES PHARMA explore the challenges associated with bringing more convenient ...

Model-based optimisation of mixed solvent systems for spray drying

Spray drying is a common and effective approach to enhance the bioavailability of low-solubility small molecules. As ...

Digital twin: a game-changing technology

Ronnie Bains, Director of Process Simulation for Europe at Emerson, describes the benefits pharmaceutical manufacturers ...

Researchers publish findings on virus infection mechanism

The findings have been published in the journal PLOS Pathogens

Servier and X-Chem team up on drug discovery

Servier will retain all rights for the commercialisation of any products resulting from the collaboration