PharmaZell and Novasep enter negotiations for new platform

The German and French companies have entered into exclusive negotiations to create a leading European platform in the attractive API manufacturing and CDMO space

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Speaking opportunities for drug delivery experts

Manufacturing Chemist Live will be back in May 2022. Find out how you can present at the two-day event.

How to leverage the gut-skin axis to address health conditions

Food supplements: a better way to utilise the body’s microbiome? Stuart J. Ashman, CEO, and Dr Catherine O’Neill, ...

Rousselot Biomedical launches EU MDR compliant gelatin range

From May 2024, all devices placed on the European market must conform with the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

CBD: the new frontier in medical science

Early stage drug development plays an important role in expanding treatment options that will support the health of ...

PerkinElmer completes $5.25bn acquisition of antibody specialist

BioLegend has been acquired by PerkinElmer in the largest acquisition in the company's history

Lonza to supply prequalified cells for CN Bio OOC technology

Organ-on-a-chip technology has the potential to solve the issues presented by 2D cell cultures and animal models, the ...

Harnessing the power of HPAPIs: key considerations

Adam Kujath, Senior Director at Sterling Pharma Solutions, discusses the key issues that companies need to consider ...

WHP completes enzyme manufacturing facility for Biocatalysts

The UK-based company has worked with Biocatalysts Ltd through a stage-gated design process on a fully aseptic ...

Enesi Pharma hits milestone in thermostable solid-dose live vaccines development

Enesi has achieved a key milestone in development of thermostable solid-dose live vaccines against measles and rubella

Innovative new process used to produce a diabetes and weight loss drug

Camilla Koller, Marketing Communications Associate, tells Dr Kevin Robinson how Bachem has used its extensive ...

API sourcing: what to look for in a supplier

Jonathan Knight, Director of Market Intelligence and New Technologies at Cambrex, presents an overview of the API ...

Developments in global pharmaceutical excipients in the next 3–5 years: part I

Key themes that will shape the excipient landscape in the near future will include regulations, innovation, economics ...

NerPharMa and ICROM partner on highly potent drugs and ADC-payloads

This agreement outlines the sharing of technologies, know-how, facilities and workforce of the two companies

Evonik delivers first lipids from German facility to BioNTech

The lipids are used for Pfizer and BioNTech's COVID-19 vaccine, as part of a lipid nanoparticle