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Long-acting injectable medicine as potential route to COVID-19 therapy

CELT was established as part of a £30.5 million ($40m) international research consortium, primarily funded by Unitaid

Linkam FDCS196 stage used in risperidone research

The researchers aimed to develop a novel transdermal delivery system for the anti-psychotic drug

Alternating vaccines trial expands to include two additional vaccines

Volunteers, who will have received either the Oxford-AstraZeneca, or Pfizer vaccine, will be randomly allocated to ...

Bispecific antibodies in review: from cell line development to manufacturing

With the advent of a technology that targets two different epitopes simultaneously, growth in the global bispecific ...

Long-term toxicology studies confirm MP1032 safety profile

MetrioPharm's lead compound has been evaluated in dogs and rats, confirming its "very good tolerability"

Merck and SignalChem to investigate combination tumour treatment

The companies will evaluate SignalChem’s SLC-391 in combination with Merck’s Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in the ...

From dark art to an age of enlightenment

Much is happening in the realms of Almac’s GMP peptides business in terms of growth, development and strategic ...

IONTAS identifies SARS-CoV-2 variant neutralising antibodies

The company is now seeking development partners to progress the antibodies

Celonic Group and UCL announce partnership

The agreement gives UCL access to Celonic’s CHOvolution platform

Bispecific antibodies: an exciting new class of emerging therapeutics

Since 2015, when the first bispecific received US FDA approval, these game-changing antibodies have rocketed in ...

The application of picodroplet technology for biopharmaceutical discovery and scientific research

Picodroplet technologies continue to push the boundaries of biologic discovery by accelerating research, expanding the ...

Why the production of bispecific antibodies depends on early stage product characterisation

Chloe Ackaert, Senior Scientist, and Sofie Pattijn, Chief Technology Officer and founder, ImmunXperts a Nexelis group ...

Almac Group announces PhD scholarship at UCL

This investment follows the company’s announcement it completed an R&D centre within which its programme to ...

UK Government invests in CPI to develop vaccine library

When variants of COVID-19 are identified, their DNA can be used to develop mRNA vaccines in a matter of days, CPI says