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XBiotech Fluvid therapy to treat influenza and COVID-19 infections

The latest research findings suggest the therapy, designed to be effective against all known strains of influenza in ...

Tracelink whitepaper reveals significant industry challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused supply chain disruptions and a consequent loss of confidence for many pharma companies

Exceptional medicinal chemistry solutions

The Solutions for Medicinal Chemistry document is available to download

Manufacturing Chemist Live: Day Two Review

At the close of MCL’s second and final day, attendees have once again had the chance to enjoy engaging, interesting ...

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine 94.5% effective

The company plans to submit data from the full Phase 3 COVE study to a peer-reviewed publication

University of Exeter partners with MDC to accelerate medicine R&D

The partnership also produces a post-COVID blueprint for academic-Catapult collaboration to drive UK productivity

Immunotherapy: antibody drug conjugates from a small molecule perspective

Immunotherapies such as ADCs deliver a more targeted treatment against cancer that improves the quality of life for the ...

CDMOs benefit from COVID-19 impacts

CPhI’s annual report also indicates that mega-cap pharma innovation is slowing outsourcing

MercachemSyncom closes the acquisition of Admescope

Admescope brings expertise in drug metabolism, drug interactions, pharmacokinetics and quantitative bioanalysis

Manufacturing Chemist Live: Day One Review

The first day of MC Live has now concluded, with attendees enjoying presentations from STA Pharmaceuticals, NSF ...

Model-based optimisation of mixed solvent systems for spray drying

Spray drying is a common and effective approach to enhance the bioavailability of low-solubility small molecules. As ...

Coronavirus: Frontrunners approach end of Phase III trials

Pfizer and BioNTech have recently revealed promising data showing their vaccine candidate is 90% effective

Apeiron and Domainex partner to progress drug discovery

The companies have previously collaborated on hit identification, both fragment-based and virtual screening

Six projects complete inaugural bioprocessing challenge

The Testa Center, host to the challenge, was established in 2018 by the Swedish government and Cytiva