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Adare Pharma Solutions is a global, technology-driven CDMO providing turnkey product development through commercial manufacturing expertise focused on oral dosage forms for the Pharmaceutical, Animal Health and OTC markets


Adare’s specialised technology platforms provide taste masking, ODTs, and customised drug release solutions. With a proven history in drug delivery, Adare has developed and manufactured more than 40 products sold by customers in more than 100 countries globally.

Patient-centric solutions

Taste masking and ODTs

Adare offers specialised technologies that provide taste masked products and alternative dosage forms with excellent mouth-feel, which help improve patient adherence and potentially extend the patent life of your products.

Customised drug release

The customised drug release technology platform consists of various technologies that provide a range of customised release profiles. These drug release profiles can be tailored to optimise a drug’s therapeutic performance by improving efficacy and enhancing safety.

Bioavailability enhancement

Adare’s Bioavailability Enhancement platform improves solubility within the gastrointestinal tract. Our proprietary activation systems break down drug particles to their thermodynamically activated form to increase solubility profiles which improves onset of action, variability of absorption between patients, and food effects variation.

Our delivery systems improve drug formulations, optimise patient adherence, and increase product impact. Our technologies are patient-friendly, ideal for those who experience difficulty swallowing regular capsules and tablets, those who would benefit from customised drug release profiles, or those who seek to improve onset of action. As Adare’s technologies can be combined, unique profiles can be created in a single dosage form.