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We’re specialists in the manufacture and supply of aromatic, heterocyclic and aliphatic compounds, fluorochemicals and life sciences reagents, offering unrivalled service and expertise in the sourcing and manufacture of available and novel products. Our commitment to excellence, alongside our readily stocked and competitively priced range, makes us the trusted partner of choice for chemists, researchers, distributors and manufacturers across a wide range of industries.


Product Areas

Chemical Products

We offer a range of over 90,000 chemicals for research and industry, many of which are unique to Apollo Scientific, with new compounds added regularly.

Explore our diverse catalogue:

  • 27,000+ Fluorinated building blocks
  • 30,000+ nitrogen-, sulfur-, and oxygen-containing heterocyclic building blocks
  • 17,000+ non-fluorinated aliphatic, aromatic and carbocyclic organic building blocks
  • A wide range of inorganic and organometallic compounds

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Life Sciences

Our life science range of products caters to routine demands for antibiotics and buffers alongside more specialised requests. Our catalogue contains over 5,000 items; in addition to our rapidly expanding range of biochemical reagents, we now list a large number of recombinant proteins, antibodies, enzymes and growth factors, all offering excellent value without compromising on quality.

Our range includes compounds used for:

  • Cell analysis and detection
  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Genomics and Electrophoresis
  • Immunology
  • Plant biology

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Spectroscopy Products

Apollo’s diverse spectroscopy products span a range of key analytic techniques in use today.

We offer a range of deuterated solvents and consumables for NMR, IR and UV spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry, as well as a range of Silica Gels for separations

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In-house Manufacturing

Our in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to undertake a wide variety of tasks, including custom synthesis, scale-up of existing routes, technology transfer to our commercial partners and development of novel compounds for our catalogue.

We are specialists in manufacturing small multinational and unusual substituted arenes and heterocycles. Currently we carry out reactions between -78°C and +250°C in conventional 50ml to 20L glass vessels under inert reactions conditions if required. As well as conventional batch synthesis, we operate a flow reactor system to assist with new reaction development and simple scale up of optimised reactions.

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