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ChargePoint technology are market leaders in the manufacturing of sterile and high containment split butterfly valves for use pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical ingredient processing.

ChargePoint Technology originally developed the patented split butterfly valve technology developed in conjunction with Glaxo Pharmaceuticals (now GlaxoSmithKline) in 1996. Known as a CTC, 'Contained Transfer Coupling', the fundamental features of the valve are still retained in the design as it can be seen today.

The patented split butterfly valve technology has become a pharmaceutical industry standard for the contained transfer of potent compounds from process to process.

ChargePoint’s product range includes:


  • For the transfer of potent API, intermediates and pharmaceutical formulations requiring high containment
  • Up to <1μg/m3 level containment performance
  • Safer handling of non-sterile API and formulation ingredients
  • Independently validated according to containment performance measurement (ISPE SMEPAC) guidelines
  • Pressure rated split valve from full vacuum to 6BarG
  • Maximise yield by transferring poorly flowing and high value product

ChargePoint PharmaSafe Animation


  • For the sterile transfer of powders and solids
  • Provides sterility assurance in the aseptic processing of sterile API
  • SAL of up to 10-6
  • Optimise product quality with increased sterility assurance
  • Simple in process sterilisation
  • High containment performance for hazardous products
  • Remove high air class control areas and cumbersome PPE

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  • Comprehensive customer support programme that provides after sales technical support
  • Planned and unplanned maintenance
  • Onsite services including maintenance and installation training
  • Spare parts and accessories


  • High integrity, single use bags for contained and sterile transfer of powder and small process components
  • Gamma Irradiated for sterile processing


  • A range of bottles to suit a variety of specific process requirements and bulk powder handling needs
  • Includes small scale, pressure rated and non-pressure rated bottles

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