Chem Flowtronics Inc

195 Paterson Avenue
Little Falls
New Jersey
United States



Chem Flowtronics is a unique manufacturing company with diverse product offerings such as; Sight Flow Indicators, PTFE lined Valves, Mixers Distillation, and extraction equipment for pilot plant -Manufacturing.



For over fifty years Chem Flowtronics has been manufacturing specialty process equipment used in corrosive and high purity viewing, processing and flow control applications. Among the many industries using our products are chemical, pharmaceutical and general industrial companies around the world. By understanding your objectives and budget, we can help you evaluate your existing process then design, manufacture and install compliant and cost effective solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Chem Flowtronics offers a large product selection within our specialty, all products are manufactured in our 10,500 sq. ft. Little Falls, NJ plant. We are aware that you may need “special” products to meet specific production requirements. We welcome your inquires for customising our standard products or working with you to design products from scratch to meet your specialised needs.


  • GMP/FDA components and systems engineering expertise
  • The ability to design and fabricate in all alloys, borosilicate glass, PTFE and corrosion resistant thermoplastics
  • An understanding of pharmaceutical and biotech process requirements including GMP & FDA
  • Project management services at your facility in all alloys, borosilicate glass, PTFE and corrosion resistant thermoplastic


  • Our precision CNC equipment offers high quality repeatedly accurate manufacturing to pharmaceutical GMP/FDA specifications for production, R&D, clean rooms and sterile environments. We use the latest CNC machining centres, lathes and milling machines to produce precise high quality products.
  • We offer our global experience manufacturing for the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industries.
  • Our QA procedures are qualified to the US aerospace ISO level.
  • In house sanitary/technical welding and polishing all SS and alloy products by our ASME Certified welders.
  • We manufacture in all alloys, borosilicate glass, PTFE and corrosion resistant thermoplastics.
  • Our sight flow indicators are certified for use aboard military aircraft.

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