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Enzymicals is your experienced partner for biocatalytic synthesis: Tailor made enzymes, Customized chemicals and Individual process solutions.


Enzymicals is your experienced partner for industrial biocatalysis. The focus of the independent SME is the development and scale up of robust chemo-biocatalytic processes for the production of fine and specialty chemicals as well as the development and production of enzymes. These core areas are combined to realize tailor made solutions for custom development and manufacturing of enzymes or chemicals. Our continuous activities in academic partnering and industrial collaborations results in the delivery state of the art concepts which are applicable on a commercial scale. In addition to numerous successful customer projects, more than 40 cases studies on enzyme development and their application were published in renowned scientific journals.

Products and Services:

Processes: Development, Scale-up and Technology-transfer

Dedicated to design, develop and implement innovative cost-effective and scalable chemo-biocatalytic routes to fine chemicals & APIs, Enzymicals offers recognized expertise in the use of enzymatic processes for complex chemical synthesis. We develop scalable strategies for the synthesis of your desired compound, which includes feasibility studies, as well as development and scale up of process inclusive DSP. For this we are able to combine efficient enzymatic and chemical synthesis steps. Based on qualified documentation by robust SOPs our developments are professionally prepared for further transfer.

Recombinant Proteins: Development, Expression, Screening and large-scale Manufacturing

Enzymicals is an outstanding resource of enzymes suitable for research and development as well as for commercial production. Our enzyme portfolio contains a continually expanding biocatalytic toolbox, with biocatalysts from the class of e.g. transaminases, monooxygenases, dehalogenases, imine reductases and hydrolases to solve customer specific demands at best performance. Selected products are incorporated in our online-catalogue. We offer a tailor-made protein development, expression and optimization service for your individual targets. Furthermore, we offer to screen enzyme panels with specific assay methods and your substrate to find out the most suitable enzyme for your desired reaction. For this, we use our catalog and internal portfolio as well commercially available enzyme collections. Additionally, large-scale manufacturing is enabled by proven cooperation with reliable CMOs.

Chemicals: Chiral Intermediates, Synthesis Service and Bulk Supply

Starting from a proof of concept study in analytical scale, over process scale-up and commercial implementation, Enzymicals is your partner for industrial biocatalysis. Our product range of chemicals includes e.g. chiral secondary and tertiary alcohols, carboxylic acids, lactones, esters, amines and amino-alcohols. Selected products are incorporated in our online-catalogue. Based on our background in chemistry and biochemistry we are able to produce building blocks and fine chemicals either via chemical synthesis or via biocatalytic conversion. In combining both approaches, we can produce high-value compounds via alternative routes to meet qualitative and economic demands of our customers. We offer custom synthesis of chiral building blocks and specialty chemicals with an internal production capacity from analytical to kilogram scale. Bulk scale supply is enabled by proven cooperation with reliable CMOs.