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Gironex Ltd is a leading provider of precision automated powder dispensing technology for R&D and Manufacturing applications


Gironex Ltd provides Automated Powder Dispensing instrumentation for the pharma, speciality chemicals and related industries. Many applications require repeated weighing of mg quantities of single or multiple powders. GiroNEX combines engineering innovation and autonomous technology to deliver mg quantities of powder, directly into vials or capsules for both the laboratory and production environments.

Based in the award-winning Innovation Centre, nr Cambridge, UK, and housed, GiroNEX offers a new approach to routine powder dispensing.

Our Products

Gironex Cube Product Range

The Gironex Cube range is designed to offer a compact and flexible system incorporating AI powder dispensing technology. Our innovative technology provides users with an easy to use, flexible precision dispensing system to make repetitive precision powder dispensing simple and efficient.

Rest assured the Gironex Cube range offers end users:

  • Flexibility – Dispense powder into any container
  • Easy to Use – Stainless steel contact parts & interactive GUI
  • Precision & Accuracy – Sartorius weigh cells with a choice of 5 and 6 dp
  • Efficiency – AI powered dispensing tech that learns from each dispense

Gironex Cube

The Gironex Cube is for R&D teams working in non-regulated environments, who want the flexibility to prepare samples, for formulation screening, compound libraries, or analytical samples, accurately and reproducibly.

Gironex Cube provides a new benchmark for laboratory sample generation. Combining innovative Autonomous technology with a novel robotic dispense system, to make repetitive precision powder dispensing simple and efficient. Compact and easy to use the GiroNEX CUBE automated powder dispenser is suited to any R&D laboratory powder dispensing application.

Gironex Cube

Gironex Cube Plus

The Gironex Cube Plus is specifically designed for regulated Pharma and Healthcare environments who require data integrity and security as well as precision and efficiency for the manufacture of batches of clinical product for clinical trials, medical devices or personalised medicine.

Gironex Cube Plus brings Flexibility, Security and Control for precision powder micro dispensing. Its innovative and dedicated interactive graphical display ensures simple and efficient batch operation and product integrity. Compact and easy to use the GiroNEX CUBE PLUS automated microdispenser is suited to any regulated manufacturing environment.

Gironex Cube Plus

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