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A leader in powder and particle technologies, Hosokawa Micron Ltd brings together the best in machinery brands and engineering expertise to develop individual processing solutions for the pharmaceutical, nuclear, food and chemicals industries. The company offers customers a single source supply for integrated processing systems and component machinery that set new standards in powder processing technologies, exceed expectations and deliver significant competitor advantages. Our philosophy is not just to offer a standard machine but to work alongside our customers and their engineering teams to provide value added solutions to processing problems.


A trusted and respected partner to both smaller companies and industry giants, Hosokawa Micron has a long heritage working with customers in the pharmaceutical industry and continues to develop a wide range of equipment specifically for this industry.

  • Containment Isolators and Downflow Dooths
  • Size Reduction With one of the largest ranges of size reduction equipment for wet and dry applications Hosokawa Micron is able meet the most stringent particle size requirements even down to submicron levels.
  • Hygienic Filling and Weighing
  • Agglomeration
  • Granulation
  • Mixing
  • Drying
  • Test and Analytical

Integrated Engineering

Hosokawa powder processing equipment can be re-designed for installation inside glovebox/isolators for a more bespoke processing response and delivering an improved ergonomic solution.

Contained Processing

Hosokawa Micron provides innovative contained powder and particle processing solutions offering Operator Exposure Levels down to 10ng/m³ and Operator Exposure Band 6.


Milling and Pack-off System in glove box

Hosokawa Micron has a range of standard and bespoke barrier containment solutions offering both personnel and product protection. Designed for manual and automated handling and processing, Hosokawa Isolators are available in single and multi-cell variants for processes including milling, micronizing, dispensing, sampling and product pack-off.

Designed utilising 3D modelling and ergonomic mocks, companies can be assured, right from initial concept that the units will fully meet their requirements.

Manufactured to meet cGMP, FDA, EMA guidelines.

Downflow Booths

Multi-Functional Dispensary Booth

Hosokawa Micron offer an extensive range of standard and bespoke downflow booth solutions designed to protect personnel from the harmful particulates generated during manual handling activities including sampling, dispensing, sub-division, charging and offloading.

  • Guaranteed operator exposure levels of <100μg/m³ (task duration), can be improved with the use of flexible or rigid high containment screens to 10μg/m3(task duration)
  • Flexible, modular build concept
  • Almost limitless widths and heights and safe working depths
  • Standard designs at affordable costs
  • Recirculation or single pass and hybrid solutions

CleanGreen Booths:Designed for energy efficiency with high efficiency fan/motor sets, PIR controlled standby mode, LED lighting and temperature and humidity control.

Whisper Booths: Ideal for multiprocessing areas or ‘quiet zones’ with low noise levels of approx. 60dba.

Filling and Weighing Systems

Buggy Filling and Weighing Booth

Accurate, stable weight controlled filling systems that maintain the highest standards of hygiene, dust control and product integrity can be integrated into downflow booths and isolators.

  • Designed for flexible filling of a range of container sizes including charge bottles, drums with or without liners
  • Internal filter and purge facilities as standard – reducing product loss and protecting HEPA filters, FIBCs and IBCs
  • Interchangeable sealing heads can be changed in less than 1 minute

Particle Design

Hosokawa Micron combine expertise in traditional powder processing with particle design and new powder characteristics.

Hosokawa Micron has designed a nanotechnology product portfolio focusing on dry powder particles design technologies including Composing, Dispersion, Sphericalization, Coating, Agglomeration and Freeze Drying.

Process Monitoring, Control and Improvement

Hosokawa has a new website dedicated to their Performance Improvement Services where you will find everything you need to know about how Hosokawa can advise on how to optimise operations but also troubleshoot process problems and give you a heads-up on failing machinery. HosokawaGen4.com

Gen4 can deliver a practical and proven route to safe operational and manufacturing excellence in the pharmaceutical industry helping integrate PAT/QbD mechanisms into your existing operations.