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L.B. Bohle Maschinen + Verfahren GmbH is a global acting manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry. The range of products includes process and handling equipment for the production of pharmaceutical solids.


LB Bohle the full system supplier – special machines for solid dosage production

The company was founded in 1981 by Lorenz Bohle. The founder is owner and managing director of the company. A large number of well-known multiationals belong to the group of satisfied Bohle customers.

Worldwide activity

Bohle has an export rate of about 30%. Nearly 30% of the total turnover is generated in the US. The US market is served by the Bohle LLC which is based in Warminster, Pennsylvania. The second most important market is Germany. Bohle also has a significant turnover in central and southern Europe and is expanding its activity in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia.

Furthermore, the Asian market is very important to the German machine builder. Thanks to subsidiaries in India and China, Asia is increasing its share of the turnover. In the recent past Bohle also increased its sales in Central and South America.

Weighing, granulation, sieving, blending, coating and handling from one supplier

The range of machinery designed and built by Bohle includes film coaters, blending systems, fluid bed systems, single pot and high shear granulators, dry granulators, handling systems and much more. The German engineering company also creates laboratory equipment for the research and development units of its clients. Bohle is the technological leader in the field of coating machines and, with more than 3,000 blenders sold, the company is the world market leader in this segment. Besides batch processing technology, L.B. Bohle focuses on continuous processing with the continuous production unit, the roller compacter BRC and the semi-continuous coater KOCO.

L.B. Bohle is technological leader for coating machines

Manufacturing 'made in Germany'

The headquarters are located in Ennigerloh, Germany with an operating area of approximately 40,000m2. About 250 specialists make up a highly qualified team. The manufacturer has subsidiaries in Sassenberg and Ennigerloh (Plant 2 and Plant 3), Germany, L.B. Bohle LLC, in Warminster, PA, USA and L.B. Bohle India Private Ltd. in Mumbai, India. The company has one representative office in Shanghai.

Furthermore, the company is represented all over the world in about 40 countries by independent sales agencies.

Process machines in plant 3

Service Center – technical trials with our current machine portfolio

In 2005, the L.B. Bohle Service Center was established. This well-equipped area offers the opportunity to operate the Bohle systems for trials and tests. A complete pharmaceutical production line to develop and test machines and methods is available there. On a pilot scale it could be operated under real conditions. The production line will be completed with versatile measurement, test and analysis techniques. Furthermore the Service Center is the location for seminars and symposiums.

Technology Center – test our continuous processing unit

The Technology Center at the headquarters was inaugurated in March 2015. Bohle focuses on continuous processing there and created a continuous production unit together with a consortium from industry and academia. Customers from the pharmaceutical industry can now experience the benefits of continuous production first hand. The unique feature of this plant is that tablet production can be implemented either without granulation or with dry or wet granulation, in one system.

The modular concept of continuous production offers substantial time savings since it does not require any time-consuming analyses of product samples between the process steps.

Continuous procssing unit inside the Technology Center

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