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Perceptive Engineering develops and deploys advanced analytics and intelligent control software platforms. These combine off-line data analytics with the development and testing of process control, monitoring and optimisation strategies, for seamless implementation in the real-time environment.


About Perceptive Engineering

Our award-winning software – PharmaMV – is designed to meet the rigorous needs of 21 CFR Part11 manufacturing. Combined with a wealth of experience from lab-scale to pilot plant to full-scale production, Perceptive’s team provides consultancy and practical knowledge on all aspects of process development and manufacturing optimisation. PharmaMV includes chemometric methods, univariate and multivariate analytical tools, advanced control systems, and real time optimisation engines to operate with a sophisticated User Access controlled platform. The platform is constantly evolving to meet rapidly-changing user needs, providing fully configurable dashboarding, Machine Learning tools, cloud connectivity and is already the standard choice for many companies making the transition to AI enabled manufacturing.

Perceptive’s PharmaMV platform is used by Pharmaceutical and BioPharma organisations within their existing operations, enabling:

Process Modelling

  • Creation and execution of dynamic process, chemometric, mechanistic and soft- sensor models.

Data Visualisation

  • Uni-variate and multi-variate visualisation tools including SPC charts, contribution/score plots, trends
  • Data visualisations can be added to web-enabled dashboards and reports.

Advanced Process Control

  • Model Predictive Control of Critical Quality Attributes using PAT derived or soft-sensor models
  • Integration with GEA Dynamic Process Control

Multi-Variate Statistical Process Control

  • Multivariate process monitors using Principal Component Analysis, Partial Least Squares
  • MVSPC Plots with SPE & T2 statistics provided for real time monitoring.

Management of real-time data

  • Secure, configurable operator interfacing
  • Implementation of real-time release
  • Satisfies the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11

Headquartered at STFC Daresbury, Perceptive Engineering, was formed in 2003 with a clear mission: to improve the efficiency of complex manufacturing and treatment processes, using robust and powerful statistical tools, combined with leading-edge academic thinking. We are a team of experienced control engineers, with strong academic links and close collaboration in many industry research projects.

Our PharmaMV, platform delivers software tools to ease the transition from R&D, through development into manufacturing, reducing the time to transfer knowledge and technology into commercial value. APC solutions are available for a wide range of pharmaceutical process units, for both small and large molecules, batch and continuous processes, all conforming to an Industry 4.0 design.