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The safety of your patients is your first objective. That's why the quality and stability of your formulations are your ultimate challenge, and ours too.

As a long-established global provider of plant-based excipients and life-saving active ingredients for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries, Roquette offers a competitive broad-range of customer-focused solutions.

Scientific progress provides us with new molecules for new treatments. The effectiveness of new medicines depends on the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) but also on the associated excipients used in the formulation. Roquette has a proven record of performance and reliability within the pharmaceutical industry. With a multidisciplinary expertise and more than 50 products, Roquette offers an extended range of starches and derivatives, sugars & polyols, with an exceptional potential for meeting your needs, wherever you are.

Learn about our solutions for Pharma and Nutraceuticals by visiting our Pharma solutions Linkedin page and Youtube Channel.

Markets and solutions

  • Delivering peace-of-mind with the right partner
    Putting patient safety first, we’ve long been committed to secure the highest purity excipients and actives by providing pyrogen-free products, securing traceability, quality and compliance.
  • Customising dosage forms with the right partner
    Providing consumers with self-prescribing, easy to take, affordable healthcare products is your number 1 priority. That’s why the performance, quality and stability of your formulations is our priority.
  • Delivering confidence with the right partner
No matter the form, we offer and can create a high-quality solution that easily adapts to most manufacturing technologies and is specially prepared with your needs and vision in mind.

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