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SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Systems helps people around the world protect, access and use the medicine they need as safely and conveniently as possible. As market leader in primary packaging made of glass and polymer, we are safeguarding and advancing the integrity of injectable solutions and more. We are pioneers with unsurpassed quality, safety and reliability.

A Strong purpose driven mindset – Health and wellbeing are more precious to people than anything else. Contributing to them is a meaningful purpose and task. This is what we are here for. We are experts in our fields and a true partner to the pharmaceutical industry. In everything we do, we think customers, users and patients first…

…because human health matters

User centricity, collaboration, smartness and visions are the core values of all SCHOTT Pharma employees. They guide us in designing solutions to ensure that medicines are safe and easy to access for people around the world. Together with you – our customers and partners – we strive for the best patient experience. For a simple reason…
because human health matters.

Being a pioneer at glass and polymer technologies and production allows us to set new scale at the market, due to our innovative technologies. For example in ranges of coating and visual inspection. With worldwide more than 600 production lines in 13 countries. These sites are producing more than 10 billion syringes, cartridges, ampoules, vials and special products consist of tubing glass or polymer.

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The origin of glass products are the high quality SCHOTT FIOLAX® Tubes. Glass is the preferred basis for pharmaceutical primary packaging. Due to it characteristics as inert material, glass reduces the probability of reactions between drugs and container. Glass also prevents gas and other volatile substances to reach the drug. The quality of the glass is the main aspect, how effective its inert characteristics are.


COC (Cyclo-Olefin-Copolymer) hightech-polymer provides excellent characteristics for packaging pharmaceutical applications as an alternative for glass. It is a fracture-proof, lightweight and transparent material. SCHOTT has experiences with COC polymer since decades. The most important barrier properties are a lower particle level compared to glass syringes and no release of ions and heavy metal. Even in small containers, the storage of drugs is possible. Due to the high flexibility at the heating process, we are able to fulfill individual customer needs with our brand TOPPAC®.

SCHOTT Pharmaversity – Information, inspiration and collaboration

Education by experts for experts in primary packaging solutions, SCHOTT Pharmaversity is an inspirational networking hub for pharmaceutical companies to gain exclusive insight and scientific knowledge of primary packaging from the world’s leading glass and polymer experts.