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Wilshire Technologies offers a diversified niche of value-focused products and services that includes a broad range of high-quality adjuvant and cell media components, biosurfactants, carbohydrates and cell-penetrating products selected to serve the R&D, kilo-lab, pilot, commercial development and production requirements of the biopharmaceutical industry.

State-of-the-art equipment and rigorous process and quality controls ensure the highest-quality products and services. An international network of manufacturing facilities permits both small-lot and commercial-scale cGMP and non-cGMP manufacturing through their corporate headquarters in North America (Princeton, New Jersey) and the regional office in Europe (Paris, France).

Our commitment to meet the specialized demands of the life-sciences and biopharmaceutical industries for dependable commercial production of cost-effective, serum-free, chemically defined, AOF ingredients, led scientists over a decade ago to develop PhytoChol®, a vegetal-derived Cholesterol. Fully EP-, cGMP-compliant, PhytoChol® has gained broad acceptance throughout the pharma and biopharma communities. In 2016, WTI introduced and is to this date, the only supplier of vegetal-derived Cholesterol meeting the EP- parenteral monograph.

Wilshire Technologies offers a variety of conjugate linkers suitable for cell membrane transport. These include GG-OH (geranylgeraniol), cholesterol chloroformate and cholesteryl hydrogen succinate. Covalently-linked GG-OH, and other hydrophobic linking arms such as cholesterol and cholesterol hydrogen succinate, have been shown to possess powerful cell-penetrating capabilities. Indeed, the fact that many key proteins involved in signal transduction pathways are prenylated has led to a host of therapeutic applications involving APIs (peptides, proteins, etc.) covalently bonded to GG-O-, cholesteryl- and cholesteryl hydrogen succinate providing a mechanism capable of enabling the efficient, ATP-independent, non-endocyclic cell membrane transport of a broad spectrum of conjugates, independent of their nature.

In an early response to the increasing importance of carbohydrates to the biopharma industry, WTI introduced several decades ago a line of ultra-high purity mono-, di- and polysaccharides. Whether derived from wholly natural (phytochemical) sources or fermentation, these ultra-low endotoxin reagents are available in Kg to MT volumes in both cGMP and non-cGMP grades.

Clearly, vegetal-derived components serve a strategic need for upstream sustainability in the growing biopharma marketplace. Derived from non-GMO vegetal sources, they meet both U.S. and EU TSE/BSE requirements, are frequently REACH exempt and offer a cost-effective platform. As a world leader in innovative plant-based pharmaceutical ingredients, Wilshire Technologies is committed to providing sustainable phytochemical products to address the growing demand for the excipient and raw material needs of the biopharmaceutical market.