2014 PDA/FDA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference


3 - 5 June 2014, Conference, Washington, DC, US

3 - 5 June 2014


Washington, DC, US

The PDA/FDA Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference entitled, Expanding Your Quality System (Q10) for a Robust, Reliable and Secure Supply Chain, takes place on 3 - 5 June.

The challenge of securing and protecting the integrity of the global pharmaceutical supply chain can be met through a variety of science- and risk-based approaches. New laws, regulations and guidance continue to evolve helping to stimulate innovation toward enhancing good manufacturing, distribution, and importation practices.

Building on earlier PDA/FDA conferences and workshops on pharmaceutical supply chains, the conference will provide a forum to further innovative approaches to protect the quality of the product to the patient, and to prevent illicit acts such as counterfeiting, diversion, and economic adulteration from threatening the safety of the drug supply.

Regulators and industry experts will make presentations on an array of topics addressing practices and approaches to be considered to ensure the integrity and quality of the global pharmaceutical supply chain.

Organiser: Parenteral Drug Association