ACG to host webinar on aluminium based primary packaging foils

The webinar will focus on the latest trends in cold form blister packaging technology, barrier classifications and how to select the right packaging films for a blister pack

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This webinar, taking place on 23 January, will focus on the holistic approach for blister packaging for pharmaceutical industry using aluminium based packaging solutions. The presenters will review the benefits of using cold form foils as primary material for blister packing the pharmaceutical products, the barrier classifications based of the requirements of the molecules, the technique of selecting the right packaging structures for medicines to be packed in blister packs. With the experience of providing the hundreds of pharmaceutical packaging solutions and handling 1000+ formulations throughout the globe, our experts bring this experience to our valuable customers across the globe.

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Date: Wednesday 23rd January 2019


Dr Erwin Pasbrig: General Manager- Developments and Technology ACG films and foils

Mr. Parixit Ashar: Manager - Global Business Development ACG films and foils

Date: Wednesday 23rd January 2019

Timings: 10 AM New York

Key Learnings:

  • Need for the right barrier packaging solutions
  • Cost optimization with right packaging material
  • Criteria for selection of right packaging material
  • Barrier classification with application examples