A new generation of powder materials with tailor made properties


At Powtech 2017 in Nuremberg, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik will show how APPtec, an advanced technology for spray calcination, can help manufacturers create particles with unprecedented chemical and mineralogical compositions — fluidised bed and spouted bed technologies, powders and fluids can be granulated, coated and dried in one step

A new generation of powder materials with tailor made properties

Glatt Ingenieurtechnik works alongside customers from the initial product idea through process development to formulation and final plant construction.

All over the world, the requirements placed on the structures, surface characteristics and compositions of powder materials are rising.

With Advanced Pulse Powder technology APPtec, a novel spray calcination process, Glatt will present a technology creating and configuring primary particles in almost unlimited ways in a hot gas reactor.

For instance, special pigments with innovative functionalities, chemically highly homogenous catalysers and optoceramics with different application specific doping’s and complex stoichiometry can be realised.

APPtec, high performance materials can be efficiently produced, dried, calcinated and coated with functional layers in just one process step and with reproducible quality — even with mixed oxide systems and in small batches — free from lumps or hardened particles.

Through augmented reality, visitors to the Glatt booth will get a virtual insight into a powder synthesis reactor and the process chambers of fluidised and spouted bed systems.

These rank among the leading technologies for the production of granules and the encapsulation of fluids. Various solid forms can also be coated with a functional layer — for example to control the release profile or to increase storage stability.

Among the numerous product samples on the Glatt stand will be agglomerates, granules, pellets and powders for use when bulk goods are to be equipped with defined functionalities and properties, such as may be the case with industrial salts, pesticides, multicomponent or special fertilisers, aromas, vitamins, enzymes or surfactants, ceramics, catalysts, pigments and polymers.

At Powtech, in addition to discussing its specific requirements for production plant construction and appropriate test series, visitors to booth 418 will be able to explore the possibilities for laboratory equipment rental as well as Glatt’s contract manufacturing capabilities.

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