Accelrys announces mobile multi-media lab application

Offers accurate, realtime multi-media capture at the bench for scientists

Accelrys, a provider of scientific lifecycle management software, has launched a flexible and secure mobile multi-media capture application that connects scientists, equipment and materials in today’s laboratories where an increasing number and variety of mobile devices, from smart phones to tablet computers, are in use.

With more than a decade of experience in pioneering paperless, mobile computing and wireless compliance capabilities in regulated laboratories, Accelrys says its mobile strategy will enable organisations to deploy purpose-built mobile applications in the lab through all domains from research to manufacturing, and satisfy specific workflow requirements in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice.

'Proven Accelrys technology makes the next generation of mobile computing possible,' said Leif Pedersen, SVP of marketing, product management and corporate development at Accelrys. 'The Accelrys Capture is as easy to use as paper while offering scientists the opportunity to work more intuitively, efficiently and productively in today’s mobile lab – with all the flexibility, integration and automation benefits of an electronic system in the palm of the hand.'

The app’s easy-to-use interface provides a straightforward and secure way for scientists to enter information, view procedures and capture data from lab instrumentation using small mobile devices with built-in functionality such as cameras that facilitate both the recording and sharing of experimental findings.

Benefits of the app include:

  • Increased lab efficiency through the ability to enter data quickly and look up procedures using a single mobile device; instant procedural annotations at the bench without requiring scientists to document changes at remote computers outside the lab;
  • Improved staff motivation by being able to work intuitively and focus on science using modern state-of-the-art mobile devices;
  • Enhanced data quality through direct data entry at the bench where data is created and observations made; fewer data-entry and data-transfer errors;
  • Reduced cycle times by removing bottlenecks in lab processes.

The app is initially provided as an addition to the Accelrys Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN); it will subsequently be extended to other lab informatics products such as Accelrys LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and Accelrys Lab Execution System and to other functionalities including information search and retrieval.