Adjustable tip spacing tech simplifies repetitive pipetting tasks

The Voyager offers automatic adjustment of tip spacing between 4.5 and 33 mm

Integra Biosciences’ Voyager adjustable tip spacing pipette is used to combat the challenges associated with repetitive pipetting tasks in molecular biology, the company says. These workflows often consist of lengthy, multistep protocols.

Ahuva Odenheimer, a Senior Research Associate working on behalf of venture capital firm Flagship Pioneering, said of the product: “My lab is exploring new cancer biomarkers using next generation sequencing and PCR, which involves extensive tube to plate transfers and library preparation protocols. There are many points where you could lose concentration and make mistakes, and having a multichannel pipette like the Voyager that can transfer multiple samples simultaneously between different labware formats is fantastic for avoiding this.”

The Voyager offers automatic adjustment of tip spacing between 4.5 and 33 mm, enabling transfers between labware formats, while increasing throughput and reproducibility Integra says.

Ahuva continued: “The Voyager really helps to speed up the research process and avoid burnout in the lab, and the pre-set programs are great for simplifying these workflows, too. All the Integra products I’ve used so far have been amazing. In fact, there's now another scientist in my lab who is just as excited about them as I am. I’ve enjoyed trying all the different settings and exploring all the ways that I can use the Voyager, its flexibility is fantastic, and I use it wherever I can.”