AmStem begins consumer study of human stem cell cosmeceutical


Korean stem cell research specialist studies SteMixx as prelude to US IRB trial

Korean stem cell research company AmStem Corporation is to launch a consumer trial for its flagship cosmeceutical product SteMixx as a prelude to its first Institutional Review Board approved clinical trial in the US next month.

Participants in the study will use SteMixx – derived from human stem cells collected from the umbilical cord immediately after birth – for a month providing data of efficacy, product characteristics and satisfaction. This will be used to support SteMixx’s full launch in high-end retail and wholesale next quarter.

“AmStem is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards in the field,” comments the company’s president, David Stark. “In fact the protocol we are employing is much more rigorous than most consumer-based cosmetic studies. It involves strict inclusion and exclusion criteria. Participants must refrain from using other facial cosmetics for one month.”

According to AmStem, SteMixx has already gained Korean FDA approval as a ‘functional cream’ for treating age-related skin issues.