BIA Separations builds new upstream processing facility


The expansion will provide a single source of expertise for scaled up production of complex biologics for gene therapy and vaccines

BIA Separations builds new upstream processing facility

BIA Separations, a biochromatography development and manufacturing company, has said it will expand its services with the opening of a new upstream processing (USP) laboratory.

The investment in the new facility comes in response to customer demand for services that optimise the critical interface between upstream and downstream processing for the robust and scalable production of complex molecules and biologics, such as viral vectors, phages, and exosomes.

The new USP facility will ensure biopharmaceutical manufacturing processing are developed and delivered to customers in an integrated way, with full coordination of critical steps, for example: upstream choice of cell line; source and supply of materials; bioreactor processing parameters and the consequential impact on downstream product purification; formulation; and stability profiles.

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Aleš Štrancar, CEO of BIA Separations, commented: “This month BIA Separations celebrates our twentieth anniversary and we are delighted to mark it with the opening of this new USP facility. Alongside our many years’ experience and expertise in understanding and controlling bioprocesses, we now have the capability to manage the interface between upstream and downstream processes, which is key for complex biologics production.”