CPhI Japan announces seminar programme


Wide range of seminars, conference and presentations dealing with hot topics in pharma

With only two months to go, preparations for CPhI, ICSE and P-MEC Japan are going well. The organiser expects to surpass the 2009 events, which saw almost 14,000 attendees and 425 exhibitors.

There will be an extensive programme of seminars both before and during the exhibition, covering areas such as process chemistry, drug formulation technologies, biopharmaceuticals, practical training and exhibitor presentations.

There will be two keynote seminars. In the first, Masatoshi Narita, director, Evaluation and Licensing Division, Pharmaceutical and Food Safety Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, will speak about New Drug Approval Review: Today and the Future. ‘In a bid to supply the nation with the world's top-level pharmaceuticals and have the industry serve as a growth engine, we formulated a five-year strategy in 2007, which was positioned in the New Growth Strategy drawn up in 2009. We are now taking measures to realise the aim,’ he says.

Specifically, the measures include improvement of the pharmaceutical review system aiming for faster and better review, promotion of global clinical trials for simultaneous development and approval throughout the world, and clarification of approval standards such as establishing guidelines on vaccines, regenerative medicines and others.

The second keynote seminar will be on the subject of Pharmaceutical Development under the NHI Drug Pricing system in Japan and will be presented by Akira Nagano, of The Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Associations of Japan, and Chairman of the NHI Drug price Committee.

NHI drug pricing system, which determines drugs covered by insurance and their prices for reimbursement has affected to some extent research and development of new drugs in Japan. He will address the impact of the recent NHI drug pricing system reform on research and development of new drugs in the future.

‘In particular, I will focus on “premium for the development of new drugs and elimination of off-label drug use", which will be introduced on a trial under the reform in FY2010 in order to promote the development of innovative new drugs and to deal with pressing issues such as "drug lag".’

As well as the keynote seminars, there will be a series of special seminars covering topics such as r&d strategies for the next generation; reducing the drug lag by accelerating the access of Japanese patients to innovations; the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) programme to support bio-medicine; Chugai's growth strategy in the midst of the drastically changing pharmaceutical industry; product development strategies for innovative therapeutic antibodies; the pharmaceutical industry's agenda in Japan; Japan Society of Generic Medicines seminar; a revised pharmaceutical affairs law workshop; and global trend of chemicals management regulation using REACH as an example.

Full details of these and other events during the exhibition can be found on the CPhIjapan website.