Cipla signs distribution agreement with Serum Institute of India


Enters the market for paediatric vaccines in Europe

Cipla Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian pharmaceutical company Cipla, has signed a distribution agreement with Serum Institute of India (SII), a developer of vaccines.

Under the agreement, SII will develop and manufacture paediatric vaccines while Cipla will seek European Medicines Agency approval and market the products in Europe.

The vaccines will be manufactured in Serum's production facilities approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

'We are proud to have entered into a strategic Europe-specific partnership with Serum Institute of India,' said Subhanu Saxena, MD and Global CEO, Cipla Limited. 'This collaboration is aligned with our commitment to provide access to affordable paediatric healthcare. Both Cipla and SII share the same core values such as self-sufficiency, affordability, accessibility, quality and commitment to global health. Through this partnership, we look forward to contributing to the eradication of childhood diseases.'

Frank Pieters, Head of Cipla Europe, added: 'We are focused on offering a new pharma concept built on layers of value such as newer products, concepts, formats, information and services to help healthcare providers across Europe.

'We see vaccines as one of the critical components of our offering to European patients. With Cipla's front-end presence and with the support of a dedicated sales force, we will broaden the reach of vaccines across Europe.'

Over the past six months Cipla has been strengthening its foundation in Europe with the launch of respiratory products such as Salmeterol/Fluticasone in Germany and Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Croatia.

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In July, Cipla the company signed an exclusive partnership with BioQuiddity to market OneDoseReadyfusOR in regional anaesthetic applications for post-surgical pain management.