Contract packer adds sixth bottling line

Reed-Lane expands its overall packaging capacity and capabilities for solid dose prescription and OTC products

The new bottling line at Reed-Lane

Pharmaceutical contract packer Reed-Lane, of New Jersey, US, has installed its sixth bottling line for solid dose prescription and OTC products. The new line expands the company’s packaging capabilities and overall capacity, and is intended specifically for the packaging of larger fill levels at smaller overall product volumes.

The new line consists of the following modules:

  • Bottle unscrambler that cleans and orientates bottles
  • Slat filler that can process tablets, capsules and liquid-gels for a wide range of bottle sizes and fill levels
  • Metal detector
  • Capper for both child-resistant (CR) and continuous thread (CT) closures
  • Induction sealer
  • Re-torquer
  • Labeller that can apply 1-ply, 2-ply or booklet-style labels with a printer and vision system
  • Topsert feeder

The new line also can be equipped to place sachet desiccants, canister desiccants, and cotton or rayon in bottles. In addition to a topsert attachment, the line can also incorporate tamper-evident seals to capped bottles and/or bundles of bottles, as desired. Patricia Elvin, President of Reed-Lane. client: Reed-Lane Joe Luke Reed-Lane (877) 290-1090