DSM launches InnoSyn route scouting services


To meet r&d outsourcing needs

Contract manufacturer DSM Pharma Chemicals is offering InnoSyn route scouting services, which are said to lead to significant cost savings by reducing synthesis steps or the redesign of synthesis routes.

The InnoSyn route scouting team supports research and development, and the implementation of economical and scalable routes. Integrating the full range of DSM services such as biocatalysis, homogeneous catalysis, organic synthesis and continuous chemistry using, for example, micro reactors, provides these routes. The capability to screen a wide variety of catalysts speeds up feasibility studies for chemocatalytic and biocatalytic steps, the firm says.

Recent success stories have introduced pharmaPLE enzymes, lyases, transaminases, dehydrogenases and easily accessible homogeneous catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenations, aromatic substitutions and oxidations. Furthermore, a safe and clean nitration reaction was implemented under cGMP for manufacturing an API based on DSM's micro reactor technology.

InnoSyn services are based in DSM's r&d facilities in Geleen, The Netherlands and use DSM's technology and production sites across Europe.

Oliver May, business manager of InnoSyn route scouting services, said: ‘DSM is recognised as a reliable and leading large-scale cGMP manufacturer for registered intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. This remains our focus but we also want to serve changing customer needs whenever DSM can provide real value.’