Domain Therapeutics and Pfizer collaborate on bioSensAll

Technology will be used to profile signaling of mutant GPCRs to accelerate validation of novel GPCR drug targets

Domain Therapeutics has begun a collaboration agreement with Pfizer aimed at assessing the impact of mutations on different signaling pathways engaged by G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs).

The company is a France-and Quebec-based biopharmaceutical company specialising in the research and development of new drug candidates that target GPCRs. Pfizer is interested in GPCRs with potential therapeutic relevance.

This collaboration aims to validate potential targets across a range of therapeutic indications by probing the structure-function relationships of various amino acid substitutions in each GPCR.

Pfizer will utilise the results of specific mutations on intracellular signaling to guide further investigations in disease-specific models.


Domain Therapeutics will use bioSensAll to characterise the basal activities and signaling profile of known ligands of wild type receptors.

It will then compare these profiles with those of mutant GPCRs. These differential signaling signatures will be used to inform target validation for different therapeutic indications.

The bioSensAll technology allows for easier understanding of signaling pathways activated by each candidate molecule, thus predicting its pharmacological profile.

This approach makes it possible to choose at an early stage of drug development those moleculesthat have the required activity but do not present side effects or induce tolerance to treatment.