Election of employee representatives to board of Novo Nordisk


The employees of Novo Nordisk have conducted the election of employee representatives to its board of directors.

The following members were elected for the next four years:

  • Mette Bøjer Jensen
  • Anne Marie Kverneland
  • Thomas Rantzau
  • Stig Strøbæk

As substitutes to the employee representatives to the board of directors of Novo Nordisk, the employees elected Anders Kaae, Karina Bonde Lenau, Jesper Thorning and Tanja Villumsen.

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The new employee representatives will join the board of directors following the annual general meeting of Novo Nordisk, 22 March 2018. At the same event, the former employee representatives, Liselotte Hyveled and Søren Thuesen Pedersen will withdraw from the board.