Feel the heat with Atlas Hotter Hotplate

Enables automated reactions in a range of flasks and vials

The Atlas Hotter Hotplate from UK-based chemistry automation product specialist Syrris enables users to achieve operating temperatures up to 350°C. It completes the firm’s Atlas temperature control modules.

Atlas Hotter Hotplate achieves operating temperatures up to 350degC

When used in combination with the Atlas Lithium system, the Hotter Hotplate enables automated reactions in a range of round-bottom flasks and vials, using dry baths. Syrris’ stacking dry baths, triple dry baths and vial baths are all said to have excellent thermal transfer while the exterior remains cool to the touch.

The addition of overhead stirring modules to Atlas Lithium forms the Atlas Sodium conformation, which is suitable for more viscous reactions. The Atlas Sodium can also be supplemented for compatibility with high-pressure reactions, up to 200 bar.

Atlas synthesis equipment is suitable for a range of chemistry, from basic heating and cooling to protocols requiring hydrogenation and carbonylation.