Free Webinar from NSF: Introduction to the GMP Standard for OTC Drug Manufacture NSF/ ANSI 455-4 – 2018

The webinar will take place on 23 July


Time: 11.00a, ET USA Eastern time

Duration: 30 minutes

The NSF/ANSI 455 standard was released July 2018 after several years of work by the Joint Committee of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for OTC.

This new standard defines the audit process and certification body requirements for OTC GMP compliance. It was developed to establish a level playing field for certification bodies, reduce the audit burden on OTC manufacturers and ultimately ensure a high level of quality, reliability and trust in the OTC supply chain.

The focus of this short webinar is to describe the standard development process, key stakeholders, structure and key elements of the NSF/ANSI 455 -2018 standard.

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