French Biomunex Pharmaceuticals establishes US subsidiary

The creation of Biomunex Pharmaceuticals is the first step in the company’s expansion into the US

French-based Biomunex Pharmaceuticals has established a subsidiary in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to carry out the antibodies-focused biopharma’s US activities. The new subsidiary will be called Biomunex Pharmaceuticals Inc and is the first step in the company’s strategy to expand in the US.

The US expansion will initially focus on facilitating R&D partnerships and business development activities with pharmaceutical companies and leading academic institutions.

Dr Eugene Zhukovsky, CSO of Biomunex, said: “The establishment of the US subsidiary will contribute to our global R&D objectives by increasing discovery and development partnerships based on the BiXAb technology with major US academic and industrial teams. Biomunex Inc. will also accelerate the preclinical and clinical development of our proprietary BiXAb antibodies.”

Emphasising Biomunex’ US presence, company executives will be presenting at several US-based events in the upcoming months:

  • Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Gerard, CEO of Biomunex, is presenting at the 8th International Cancer Cluster (3 June), and also attending biopartnering sessions at BIO 2019 in Philadelphia, PA (3-6 June).
  • Dr Eugene Zhukovsky, CSO of Biomunex Pharmaceuticals SAS, is presenting the BiXAb platform and the company’s pipeline at the Next Generation Protein Therapeutics & Bioconjugates Summit in San Francisco, CA (18-20 June) and 10th Annual Summit World Bispecific in Waltham, MA (17-19 September).

“Following our recent licensing agreement with Sanofi for the generation and optimisation of bi- and multi-specific antibody therapeutics, we are excited about ramping up our R&D and partnering activities in the US with the establishment of Biomunex Inc,” said Dr Pierre-Emmanuel Gerard. “We are delighted to open our US subsidiary in Cambridge, MA, which probably represents the largest biotech cluster in the world, especially in the therapeutic antibody field. Biomunex’ ambition is to develop its product pipeline globally and this first step paves the way for US developments.”