Frontida BioPharm announces highly potent contract manufacturing suite


Frontida BioPharm has announced the completion of a 1000 sqft facility expansion to their oral solid dose manufacturing operations

Frontida BioPharm has announced the completion of a facility expansion to their oral solid dose manufacturing operations with the commissioning of a Highly Potent Compound Contract Manufacturing Suite. This addition features 1000 sqft of readily available, hazard-certified production space.

Key service equipment and set-ups include a large scale Roller Compactor, Milling Room, Bin Blender, Tablet Press, and ingress and egress airlocks with enhanced personnel controls. Frontida will utilise these capabilities to streamline clients' goals for the development of flexible and scalable manufacturing processes for clinical trial materials through commercial product operations.

Highly potent compounds serve an increasingly significant role in numerous R&D landscapes and pharmaceutical intensive medical treatments; i.e. oncology, atrial fibrillation, osteoporosis. In order to produce these products, a thorough process of product risk analysis is required in order to maintain a consistent manufacturing balance between production scale, market distribution and demand requirements. As a key step to utilise this new suite, Frontida's manufacturing assessments will verify each highly potent compound's level of toxicity, potential personnel and facility exposure limitations.

"The addition of a highly potent suite at Frontida Biopharm leverages the internal know-how and capabilities of our existing product development and manufacturing teams. The expert personnel leading this 'suite' new expansion contribute an average of 20 years practical experience to every project. Each prioritises the safety and well-being, OEL guidelines, effluent containment practices, responsible air emissions, and sanctioned waste removal needed in order to better serve our pharmaceutical clients," said Anthony Qu, Chief Operating Officer.

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"This area will expand Frontida's capabilities to our customers, further assuring that our culture of excellence and production quality is maintained through high grade service options, and top-of-the-line technological advantages," added Renard Jackson, Executive VP of CMO Services