GEA listed in new DAX 50 ESG index


From the very beginning, the Düsseldorf-based engineering group GEA will be one of the 50 companies listed in the new DAX 50 ESG index owing to their exemplary positions when it comes to ESG criteria – the environment, social topics and corporate governance

GEA listed in new DAX 50 ESG index

As the German Stock Exchange announced, this new sustainability index consists of the top 50 companies based on their ESG performance (Environmental, Social, Governance), their market value and their exchange turnover.

The index is intended to help ensure that these aspects are given greater consideration in more holistic and future-oriented assessments of a company’s value.

“Sustainability criteria are becoming ever more important for both institutional and private investors in their investment decisions. We are very glad that these investors now have a transparent opportunity in the form of the new DAX 50 ESG index to invest in companies that are especially committed to ESG topics," explains Stefan Klebert, CEO of GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft.

"For a long time now at GEA, we have been directing our efforts not just toward the construction of highly efficient, resource-sparing systems for our customers, we also work unceasingly to make our own production even more sustainable and to fulfil our social responsibility for our employees, society and the environment as well as we can."

"Our immediate inclusion in the new index underscores the positive effects of our extensive measures. As one of the world’s largest providers of process technology, it is important to us to participate in shaping responsible business management, and we will continue to expand our commitment in the future along these lines.”

As a globally active technology company, GEA is involved in a number of pressing future topics. The Group is a technology leader in many areas and intends to use its know-how edge and its value-creating innovations to contribute to mastering collective challenges such as climate change and world nutrition.

Recently, GEA received the best score it has ever obtained in the climate assessment published by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

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With its overall grade of A the Group has now reached the “Leadership” level and is thus part of the leading group in sector and regional comparisons. In the 2019 CDP report, a total of nine companies from Germany in the “General” sector, in which GEA is listed, received a score of A or A-. In addition, GEA is part of the MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes and has an A rating there as well.

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