GEA supplies separator plant for trials, scale-up and production of a future corona vaccine to China


In the battle against COVID-19, technology leader GEA has secured an order to supply a separator plant for vaccines to China

The plant will be used for clinical samples and, later, to produce a potential coronavirus vaccine. As a trusted supplier of pharmaceutical steam-sterilizable separators, GEA considers this to be an important contribution to the fight against Sars-CoV-2.

Designed to meet the highest hygienic standards, the GEA skid unit ensures complete biocontainment to prevent cross-contamination. The hermetically closed plant concept prevents the vaccine product from coming into contact with the environment.

Offering maximum yields, gentle product treatment and high levels of efficiency, the separator system is sterilise-in-place compatible (2.5 bar/137 °C) to ensure aseptic processing.

Also featuring a patented hydrohermetic inlet system for shear-sensitive products and fully automatic on-site clean-in-place functionality, the hygienic, highly polished plant is driven by a three-phase alternating current motor.

All product-contact parts are made of high-alloy stainless steels and the integrated seals comply with US FDA and USP Class VI requirements.

The challenge in vaccine production is the ability to translate lab-scale research data into large-scale industrial production. Together with its customers, GEA develops processes that not only facilitate the scale-up from the bench to commercial production, but also ensure that the quality, safety and efficacy of each individual batch is consistent and meets all the required quality criteria.

Partnering with major global manufacturers, all over the world, GEA's separation technology is one of the key technologies used in vaccine production.

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The company also designs, builds and supplies complete systems and process lines for vaccine production and blood plasma fractionation.

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