Incident management and human error prevention workshops


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  • Incident Management – 11 September 2018, Stansted, UK
  • Human Error Prevention – 12-13 September 2018, Stansted, UK

Incident management never goes away as a problem. Join expert Erika Notman, a great communicator with loads of “real life” experience, who will be running a superb distillation of best practice in this field in Stansted, London in September.

The first of these is a 1 day Incident Management workshop on 11 September. Can your site benefit from a clear standard for the content of deviations? This short interactive training is designed to re-evaluate your process – use risk to your advantage and ensure the effort of you and your team is focused where it should be placed – where potential patient impact is greatest.

Come to this one-day workshop and stay for the two-day Human Error Prevention workshop which follows and addresses the causes and resolution of events. It goes beneath the surface of issues and looks to fix the real causes of errors and mistakes.

Learn how to error proof and simplify your processes and procedures to reduce errors and mistakes. Delegates from over 350 companies and seven regulatory agencies have attended this course with the same objective – to reduce the cost of errors to our industry and risk to our patients.

You can attend one training or both – the choice is yours.

Prices and discounts

Multiple delegate booking discounts available. Discounts also offered to NHS staff, regulators and charities - contact us for details. Have a question or want to book a place?

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