Introducing LabBox, the new compact automation system now available from Labtex


The new LabBox by HiTec Zang provides an entryway into the digital laboratory, using automation to increase quality and productivity while reducing costs

Especially designed for preparative and analytical workstations in laboratories or pilot plants, you can easily automate experiments and processes and gain time for more runs.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Suitable for your application – Benchtop, Batch or Conti Simply define automated test sequences and let the LabBox® measure and control all processes accurately.
  • Flexibility Connect to any sensors and devices, thanks to the many possible protocols and interfaces.
  • Central user interface Freely design your display and user interface. For repetitive process, you can use many of our preconfigured routines and define your sequences, e.g., by drag and drop.
  • Document or export test data Observe measured value progressions live, monitor them remotely (Microsoft Windows 10 or Android) and/or transfer all values to other programmes.
  • Discover more about LabBox at zang-laboratory-automation/ or call Labtex on 01484 600200.

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