LIVE FROM CPHI: Gerresheimer presents world-first multilayer design in injection blow moulding


Offers sensitive pharmaceutical products extra protection against moisture vapour and oxygen permeability

Gerresheimer, together with Duma, has launched Twist-Off Protect at CPhI in Madrid. First tests have delivered convincing proof that the new multilayer plastic container offers sensitive pharmaceuticals extra protection against moisture vapour and oxygen permeability. It is the first plastic container with a multilayer structure manufactured using an injection blow moulding process, the company says.

US Pharmacopeia MVT (WVP) USP 38 <671> and Oxygen Transmission Rate OTR: ASTM F 1307 tests confirm that the container admits far lower levels of moisture vapour and oxygen than other standard solutions in the market. Compared with extrusion blow moulded containers Twist-Off Protect provides extremely good barrier properties due to a better control of geometry and thickness distribution.

'Many pharmaceuticals will be degraded by exposure to moisture vapour and oxygen. So these drugs need effective protection in the form of suitable packaging solutions,' explained Niels Düring, Global Executive Vice President Plastic Packaging of Gerresheimer. 'That’s why we have extended our established range of Duma-family products to include an additional product with improved barrier properties for enhanced and more reliable content protection.'

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Duma Twist-Off Protect is fully compatible with high-performance Duma Twist-Off closures (TE/CR/SF closures with and without desiccant) and the existing Duma Twist-Off range is can be used on existing filling lines.

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