LIVE FROM INFORMEX: CiVentiChem completes major IMS audit


Internal Management Systems policy formally approved by AQA International

US company CiVentiChem, based in Research Triangle Park in Cary, North Carolina, has conducted a week-long audit of its facilities in Hyderabad, India, resulting in formal approval of its ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 Internal Management Systems (IMS) by AQA International.

According to business development director Glenn Killingworth, the operational implications of the IMS will allow the company to attract a broader scope of clients and projects by reducing costs while retaining creativity and minimising risk while improving profitability. Harmonising and optimising practices, together with putting in place robust quality and management standards wil allow the company to concentrate on doing more chemistry, he said.

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In 2009 CiVentiChem opened a pilot plant in Hyderabad, India, which undertook a number of projects last year. Its facilities include high vacuum distillation, the ability to perform reactions from -70 to +260 degrees C and a range of reactor suites. It has dedicated cleanroom facilities for all areas and undertakes both process r&d and large scale manufacturing.