Less is more: Lodige presents the single-pot process


Gebr Lodige Maschinenbau presents all-in-one solution for mixing, granulating, coating, drying and heating and cooling

The single-pot process achieves chemical reactions or mechanical product treatment in a single machine; several process steps can take place without having to isolate the intermediate products.

The single pot process machine was designed and built by German-based company Lodige for use in R&D. It was designed to be as compact and multifunctional as possible, an all-rounder.

This all-in-one solution is based on the Lodige Ploughshare Mixer concept. It is composed of a horizontal, cylindrical drum equipped with a main mixing shaft fitted with Ploughshare Shovels, generating a mechanical fluid bed by rotating.

Depending on the application, all reactants can be added into the machine right at the beginning of the process, or one after the other, as required.

The product is mixed fast, then the vacuum drying can be performed in the same machine. This saves time and reduces handling, safeguarding the product.

Subsequent cooling is also possible, if necessary for further processing. There is also capacity for pressurised operation.

From there, coating and granulating of the product can be undertaken. The liquid introduction is performed using spray nozzles.

The design and size of the machine complies with the flexibility required in R&D. With a 50 litre mixing drum allowing filling degrees between 25–75%, the unit is particularly compact.

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It is also mobile; the machine, together with its periphery equipment (control cabinet, vacuum pump), are placed on wheels for mobility within research facility.