Linneo Health expands medicinal offering to include industrial cannabis derivatives


Linneo Health to expand offering of medicinal cannabis products to include APIs and cannabis extracts, under the terms of a CDMO agreement with Alcaliber

Linneo Health, a global leader in the research, cultivation and supply of cannabis to improve human health and well-being, and Alcaliber, a leading independent supplier of intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to the global pharmaceutical industry, announce an expanded medicinal cannabis offering by Linneo Health to include industrial derivatives.

This follows the issuance of Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) certification for the industrial processing of cannabis derivatives to Alcaliber, by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Products (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios - AEMPS).

EU-GMP certification is recognised by all medicine regulatory agencies within the EU, as well as a number of leading agencies over the world.

Under the terms of an exclusive CDMO agreement with Alcaliber, Linneo Health now adds the capabilities to supply APIs and medicinal finished dosage forms, such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and standardized cannabis extracts, in addition to its existing EU-GMP certified medicinal cannabis flowers.

Alcaliber’s new GMP certification allows for an important expansion in Linneo Health’s medicinal product offering, and ensures that Linneo´s commitment to deliver cannabis products of the highest GMP standards is extended into cannabis extracts.

Don Bellamy, Chief Executive Officer of Linneo Health, said: “Our ability to supply industrial derivatives to the highest quality, in addition to our existing expertise in the cultivation and delivery of cannabis flowers to our partners, marks a major expansion in our portfolio and further cements our position as a global leader in the field."

"As the medicinal cannabis market evolves globally, alongside a changing landscape of regulatory and legal reforms, Linneo Health is primed to maintain its leadership position with a broad portfolio offering and a complete service to our customers.”

José Antonio de la Puente, Chief Executive Officer of Alcaliber, said: “Adding full cannabis industrial derivatives, from APIs to standardised extracts, is a great milestone for our company. Bringing our experience of more than 90 years in extraction of active substances from herbal plants is a differential asset in the complex pharmaceutical cannabis industry."

"Our commitment to the highest standards of quality and innovation, combined with our focus on continuous improvement, underpins our new family of products.”

Linneo Health offers its customers unrivalled experience in the research, cultivation and supply of medicinal cannabis, leveraging a deep heritage of leadership and know-how in the production of strictly regulated pharmaceutical products.

Beyond its world-leading pharmaceutical-grade cannabis flower growing at the Company’s facilities in Southern Spain, Linneo Health gains access to Alcaliber´s 12,000 tonnes of annual processing capacity, enabling production of high-quality APIs and standardised cannabis extracts.

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Alcaliber sets a benchmark in the industry in terms of quality, innovation, integrity, and commitment to its customers. Alcaliber’s mission is to produce and develop natural extracts and APIs to the highest standard, thus helping the pharmaceutical industry to improve quality of life of millions of people around the world.