Lonza launches bYlok bispecific antibody technology


The technology can be accessed by pharma and biotech companies through a research license

Lonza launches bYlok bispecific antibody technology

Lonza has launched its bYlok technology platform for the discovery and design of bispecific antibodies. The company says bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) show promising effectiveness with precision targeting and high potency. In addition, multiple binding sites can help reduce the development of subsequent clinical resistance. The biologics pipeline has been evolving towards more complex protein formats for the past few years, with 273 bispecific molecules successfully entering the clinic since 2001.

Manufacturing bispecific antibodies poses challenges related to expression and downstream processing. As they’re comprised of two distinct heavy and light chains, multiple combinations are possible during assembly in production. Mispairing between light and heavy chains during expression can lead to misassembled unwanted antibody species that are difficult to remove due to their similarity to the correct format.

The company’s bYlok technology was developed in response to these challenges. The technology relies on adjustments of the position of one of the disulfide bridges, which the company says greatly favours the formation of a correct heterodimer species.

The platform reportedly delivers >95% correct heavy and light chain (HC-LC) precision pairing with a mAb-like approach, and generates antibodies that mimic parental antibodies in the key characteristics such as yield, stability, immunogenicity and functionality. The technology can be accessed by pharma and biotech companies through a research license to see if it fits their current processes.

Katarina Radošević, Head of Biologics R&D, Lonza commented: “Lonza is transforming biologics discovery, development and manufacturing by investing in leading technologies to support our customers to develop next-generation bispecific antibodies. Our bYlok platform addresses technical limitations through an elegant and broadly applicable process for molecules where two different light chains are needed."

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Peter Droc, Head of Licensing and Drug Product Services, Lonza added: “With the launch of bYlok technology, we affirm our commitment to making cutting-edge technologies readily accessible to pharma and biotech companies for an easy evaluation and implementation within their labs. We are excited by the extended therapeutic possibilities the technology allows our customers to reach.”

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