NIBRT launches first online biopharma manufacturing programme


NIBRT Online Academy is online training that has been designed to assist with the skills and career development of those using bioprocesses

Photo as seen on NIBRT website

Photo as seen on NIBRT website

National Institute for Bioprocessing Research & Training (NIBRT) has launched its first fully online learning platform for those involved in biopharma manufacturing. The NIBRT Online Academy (NOA) has been designed to assist with the skills and career development of biopharma manufacturers.

This new online training academy will allow trainees who may not be able to attend NIBRT in person to experience NIBRT training online.

As the global demand for biopharma manufacturing talent continues to grow rapidly, NOA will enable trainees from across the globe to access NIBRT’s award-winning training.

NOA offers easy access, interactive and cost-effective online learning options on all aspects of biopharma manufacturing. Courses are rich in multimedia content including 3D models, animations and virtual simulations that maximise the learning experience.

The new platform also provides a constantly updated library of training courses which can be accessed via desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone with new courses being added on a quarterly basis.

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Clients can purchase individual NOA courses and significant volume licensing discounts are available for bulk purchases.