Nanomaterial research from Anton Paar


Nanomaterials are the building blocks of technological progress. Breakthroughs in fields such as medicine, renewable energy, and electronics are all based on advancements in nanomaterial research

Nanomaterial research from Anton Paar

Anton Paar is now offering a 24/7 applications and research database for nanomaterials research and nanomaterials in final products, featuring specific research cases, application reports, and instrument information.

You’ll get an up-close look at how Anton Paar instruments are powering the curiosity of the researchers who are building the future.

You’ll also learn about Anton Paar’s extensive portfolio of versatile, future-proof measuring instruments, including:

  • Atomic force microscopes
  • Microwave reactors
  • Particle size analysers
  • SAXS systems
  • Rheometers and viscometers
  • Porometers
  • Surface charge analysers
  • Gas sorption analysers and more

These instruments are used in nearly every elite university in the world and in the labs of industry leaders to study and characterise nanomaterials as well as the final products they help form.

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For those who follow their research wherever it goes, Anton Paar offers the tools that accompany you on your way to award-winning work.

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