Neopac adds child-resistant closures to Polyfoil tubes


Tubes also have high-barrier properties

Neopac’s new child-resistant closures fulfil the requirements of new safety guidelines in the US. In addition the caps are easy for senior adults to open.

The Swiss supplier of plastic medical tubes also says the high barrier properties of the Polyfoil tube mean that the contents are always well protected.

The child-resistant closures are certified in Europe in accordance with DIN EN 14375 (non-resealable packaging) and ISO 8317 (resealable packing) and in the US in accordance with 16 CFR § 1700.20.

Trials were carried out on two different groups to test child safety and accessibility for the elderly. For child safety the test group comprised 100 children aged between 42 and 51 months. In pairs they were asked to open the tube in 5 minutes.

The elderly accessibility test was carried out on 200 people aged between 50 and 70. The test group was given written instructions on opening the packaging and then given five minutes to open it. This elderly accessibility test was considered passed when at least 90% of the test group had successfully opened and closed the packaging within one minute. All requirements of the norms were fulfilled in both tests.

Neopac offers a range of child-resistant systems for various applications. The child-resistant design of the unit dose Twist’n’Use system, allows the closure to be squeezed and turned while the internal pin is released and the liquid or cream can be applied selectively.

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The standard turn-closure tube is opened by the push’n’turn movement and can be opened and closed as often as desired. The systems are available in various sizes and models.