New Vindon storage suite to open at Santa Fe Springs in the US


Will provide GMP-compliant controlled environment storage for pharmaceutical and biopharma companies, CROs and CMOs

International storage specialist Vindon Scientific is to open a new facility in Santa Fe Springs, California, US on 31 July, which will provide pharmaceutical and biopharma companies, CROs and CMOs with GMP-compliant controlled environment storage.

Patrick Jackson, Vindon’s Business Development Director, has been in the US overseeing the project and promoting the new facilities to some of the California’s leading pharma and biopharma companies.

‘The progress that has been made at Santa Fe Springs over the past couple of weeks has been tremendous. The site engineers and contractors have pulled out all the stops and we are on schedule for having the suite ready for the grand opening on 31 July.’

The facility will offer controlled temperature and humidity storage, as well as stability storage at all ICH conditions – including controlled substance storage and storage at bespoke conditions. Biopharma clients will also be offered freezer storage facilities, with temperatures ranging from -20ºC to -80ºC.

Back-up systems include a generator with automatic transfer to maintain power to the entire facility in the case of a power cut. Audio and visual alarms for temperature and humidity and constantly recording CCTV will also add to the integrity of samples stored there.

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This storage suite is the latest in a series of investments by Vindon, geared towards providing outsourced storage services and partnerships at strategic locations in the US, UK and Ireland. With more than 70,000ft3 of controlled environment storage at a wide range of humidities and temperatures that range from 70ºC to -196ºC cryogenic storage, Vindon says it will soon offer one of the most comprehensive storage services available on the market.