New ink offers benefits for blisterpacks


Excellent finish and enhanced clarity even for small characters

Sunala has introduced a further significant development to Wolke thermal inkjet printers with the availability of a new ink that enables them to be used on non-porous surfaces, including blister foil packs.

The specially formulated solvent-based ink offers excellent finish and enhanced clarity, even for small characters. Available exclusively through Sunala, part of the Travtec Group, for the UK and Ireland pharmaceutical markets, the new ink is incorporated into Wolke’s top selling m600 Advanced thermal inkjet printer. Sunala can also supply a special Traversing Unit that enables it to be integrated into existing blister lines with multiple head configurations.

The availability of the ink opens up the pharmaceutical blisterpack market to the many advantages of thermal inkjet technology. The m600 Advanced can print variable data using a wide variety of character formats including algebraic and Arabic. It is also able to print variable Datamatrix codes to ECC 200, which offer greater flexibility and accuracy and can include a huge amount of information in a concise format, delivering enhanced track and traceability benefits.

The pioneering m600 design features the unique HP cartridge system, which contains both the ink and the print head and provides maintenance- and trouble-free operation since the key elements of the printing system are replaced at the same time as new ink is required. This also ensures a consistently high quality and easily readable code.

Equally important, using cartridges prevents ink spillages during operation and changeovers to maintain a clean working environment.

The easy-to-use control panel allows product set-up and changeovers to be carried out by operators on line. New cartridges are simply clicked into place in a matter of seconds to minimise downtime.

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‘We are very excited by this latest development in the continuing success of the Wolke m600 thermal inkjet printer,’ said Alan Turner, Sunala’s managing director. ‘Pharmaceutical manufacturers can now enjoy the benefits of mess-free high quality codes for their blisterpacks.’