Norwalt opens production facility for medical devices


New plant increases company’s floorspace by 25%, with room for adjacent buildouts to accommodate growth in medical devices and other niches

Norwalt opens production facility for medical devices

Automation specialist Norwalt has commenced operations at a new production facility in Tampa, Florida. 

A satellite site to the company’s primary plant in Randolph, New Jersey, the new facility increases Norwalt’s overall production floorspace by 25%, and features buildout potential for adjacent areas moving forward. 

For Norwalt, the expansion is rooted both in current necessity and near-future opportunity. In recent years, the company has seen an unprecedented growth surge, prioritising additional space to continue to meet expedited equipment delivery timeframes. 

With Norwalt anticipating future growth, the Tampa plant also provides ample elbow room to accommodate additional business.  

Mirroring the New Jersey facility, the Florida plant will be utilised for the full gamut of Norwalt’s concept-to-completion capabilities set. The company's engineers design, construct, validate and install premium production equipment whose functionalities include – but are by no means limited to – packaging and product assembly, post-mold automation, modular automation cells and robotics systems.

In an ever-evolving manufacturing environment, demand continues to surge for automation

Among these sectors, Norwalt views medical devices and diagnostics as one particularly primed for growth. The industry depends upon pristine, tight-tolerance plastics components and products manufacturing, a niche that aligns well with Norwalt’s core engineering expertise. 

The company has ample experience designing solutions for pipette and vial inspection and assembly, medical valve and personal device assembly, and diagnostic test kit assembly.

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“While we’ve incrementally added floorspace to our New Jersey headquarters over our five decades in business, the Tampa plant marks our first dedicated secondary facility,” said Keith Harman, Director of Business Development for Norwalt. “In an ever-evolving manufacturing environment, demand continues to surge for automation and line integration machinery that minimises downtime, maximises efficiency, and tackles otherwise labour-intensive tasks.”