Olympus’ ergonomic microscopes


Fatigue reduction with new ergonomic framing and positioning and LED lighting with uniform colour across long periods

Olympus’ ergonomic CX43 and CX33 microscopes are designed to reduce fatigue during long periods of routine microscopy.

The microscopes feature a maintenance and centring-free LED light source and a range of ergonomic features. Frequently-used controls have been lowered, allowing a more natural position for the user’s arms during operation.

In both models, the stage is 70mm lower than the previous model, resulting in a large working space under the eyepiece that makes it easier to check or swap samples with just one hand.

The stage and co-axial focus knobs have also been lowered, so users can reach these controls while their forearms remain on the desk.

The low-positioned revolving nosepiece with finger rest accommodates enables users to change magnification with minimal arm movement.

To improve durability and reduce running costs, a centring-free LED light source with a long 60,000-hour lifetime has been added, ensuring a stable imaging performance across long periods of time.

The new LED light source provides uniform illumination and constant colour temperature at any brightness level. This means that users get natural colour representation from a wide range of stains.

In addition, the universal condenser on the CX43 microscope supports objectives ranging from 2–100X magnification and covers a variety of observation methods, including phase contrast and fluorescence.

Users can switch to the appropriate method for their applications on a single microscope frame.

The CX33 microscope has a built-in camera port and the CX43 microscope has an optional trinocular observation head for digital imaging.Sign up for your free email newsletter