PSL offers mill integration


High-containment of five different process mills does not require five different isolators, according to PSL, a specialist in the design and fabrication of contained process equipment, which has developed the ability to contain new or existing mills, as per the client\'s process requirements, with the reliability of a full-integrated system.

The company has designed and manufactured a range of universal milling isolators that can accommodate up to five different types of mills for various milling processes. This ergonomic design maximises the space available within the glovebox, enabling the individual mills to be interchanged and operated within the isolator, and avoiding the need for numerous milling rooms and the provision of five separate isolators. PSL has incorporated existing mills and provided new process mills for its PSL Universal Milling Glovebox.

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Cross contamination issues, filter sock size and pressure issues have all been addressed, and the isolators have been validated to achieve nanogram levels of containment, as well as meeting the needs of a class 10,000 environment.

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